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  • Being left on the street1 votes
  • Nothing1 votes
  • Losing my money1 votes
  • Customer service4 votes
  • Accessibility to resolve issue3 votes
  • False advertisement3 votes
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  • 4 hours ago
  • Credit Cards
  • Madison, Indiana
  • 1
  • 1
  • 6

I called customer service and ask them to cancel out my old cards from 3 years ago literally 4 times in the past year every time they lied to me about it Which is complete bull $"!+. They never canceled any of them out. We'll 10 days ago I asked them cause I wanted to make a dispute on a charge well the guy told me he will do it his self! I said no sir I want to do it not u so I can use my own... Read more

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  • 9 hours ago
  • Professional Services
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1

This is the worst company ever to do business with. The office is in Manilla, they read from a script. They repeat over and over.. On 3 occassions my card was "stopped"because of fraudulent activity supposedly. The card in each case had not been used nor to my knowledge had attemps been made. They just stop the card. Then it takes over 3weeks for a new card. I payed for 2day delivery. Still took... Read more

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  • Feb 27
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • New Brighton, Pennsylvania
  • Prepaid Card
  • 7

I bought their card to buy a product and they told me that i could not use my money. why would you buy a card and put money on it and then have to wait a whole two weeks before you can use it, that just don't make any sense to me. why wait for them to send you a card in the mail and you can use the card you bought. if I don't have what I need for school I will flunk and I'm blaming it on green... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Credit Cards
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Credit Card Deposit
  • 10

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!!!! A bank loses TEN THOUSAND dollars???? Two deposits, one for $9,068, other for $593. First WAS deposited on 2/19, second WAS deposited on 2/20. problem was an account number. when sent, 4 digits were left off. Our mistake Im told, but no big deal.......... WITH A ACCOUNT NUMBER 4 DIGITS SHORT, it would never have left the IRS. I HAVE RECORDED PHONE CALLS, TEXT... Read more

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  • Feb 21
  • Credit Cards
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Gold Card
  • 46

I have been a loyal user of my walmart Money Card for over two years. I have paid all bills and made almost all purchases with it during those two years. I went to make a purchase at Walmart three nights ago and the purchase was declined. This was very embarrassing, as there was plenty of money in my account and a line behind me. It was very late so I tried calling the customer service number... Read more

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green dot moneypak are thieves I was scammed out of $750 and hadn't even gotten my card yet when I went to load it I was told that the money had already been taken by someone else and that they could not refunded Add comment

I bought a green dot moneypak from 7/11 on 12-31-2014 and when I scratched the back of the card to check the balance it said that the card had insufficient funds even though it wasn't even used yet, *** the whole green dot corporation! Add comment

I was refunded money from a well known company. Green Dot froze my account. Customer servicecwas rude.. talked over me and told me i have to prove the refund is mine??? Still cant access my miney Add comment

  • Jan 31
  • Credit Cards
  • Hanford, California
  • Money Transaction
  • 1
  • 1
  • 123

my mom had direct deposit of her social security,on jan.2,2014 the greendot website showed her $1000 pending,but since it was New Years weekend the representative said it would not be available until monday,jan,5,2015,well the pending transaction disappeared by monday,and greendot tried to say her retirement was actually her social security and that they advanced it to her on Dec,30,2014.When my... Read more

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  • Jan 23
  • Credit Cards
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Credit Card Deposit
  • 136

I went to Walmart to load my Rush card, which I guess is a function of Green Dot, not Walmart. The money never made it to my card. Rush card has no record of the transaction, Green Dot has no record of the transaction, but i have a receipt from Walmart showing everything went through like normal. After several phone calls to all parties, Green Dot is the one who screwed up, they gave me case... Read more

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